First of all, it's Steamer Lane -- not Steamer's Lane. Steamer's is acceptable if you must, but call it Steamer's Lane in public, and you'll be laughed out of town or thrown off the point. Legend has it that the name emanated from the steamships that navigated around the huge surf at Third Reef before turning into the bay. During the '30s, it's said that early surfers saw giant waves breaking out in the steamship lane, so they called it Steamer Lane. However the name originated, Steamer Lane has served as the crucible of Santa Cruz, Northern California and international surfing during the 20th century.

This Great Breaks image by Ryan Craig is printed using high definition photographic imaging on white aluminum. The result is an image that radiates with the same energy and power of the ocean as the day it was captured. No expensive framing necessary. Your print comes hang-ready, with mounting hardware already affixed to the image mount. All you need is a hammer, a nail, and a wall to hang them on. 

We are offering this piece in five sizes, 12"x18" for $285, 20"x30" for $475, 24"x36" for $650, 30"x45" for $1,250.00 and the most impressive piece of all our 40"x60" for $1,750.00

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