Surfline's 2015 Photo Challenge winning image.

"The last few days in the ocean have been absolutely incredible. I am trying my hardest to find the right words for what I just witnessed but it seems impossible, literacy cannot do this place justice. To swim in the water out here amongst such immense volumes of energy unloading in front of me is everything I have ever wanted as a photographer, and sharing this experience with some of the worlds most elite watermen produced a scene unrivalled by anything I had previously been a part of. To everyone involved I salute you, the bar has been raised, and to Mother Nature, thank you a thousand times for this gift, your power is infinite and we will never forget this" - Photographer Tim Campbell - Western Australia

This Great Breaks image by Tim Campbell is printed using high definition photographic imaging on white aluminum. The result is an image that radiates with the same energy and power of the ocean as the day it was captured. No expensive framing necessary. Your print comes hang-ready, with mounting hardware already affixed to the image mount. All you need is a hammer, a nail, and a wall to hang them on. 

We are offering this piece in four sizes, 20"x30" for $570, 24"x36" for $780, 30"x45" for $1,500 and the most impressive piece of all our 40"x60" for $2,100.

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