Master Photographer Ted Grambeau blends liquid with light, people with places and action with adventures. Internationally recognized as one the world's foremost Adventure Surf Photographers. Trained formally in Commercial and Illustrative photography with an interpretation heavily influenced by the great photojournalists.

Ted started out shooting surf photography back in the day when you shot on film and swam in the channel. He is what they refer to as a true lensman. Grambeau is one of the pioneer/explorers who has been uncovering new regions, previously unrideable breaks andthe sort of adventure that most surfers only dream about. To this day Ted hasn’t stopped exploring and likely never will. As well as the usual missions to Teahupoo, Indonesia and Hawaii, Ted has led surf trips to Russia, Norway, Liberia and Papua New Guinea. He has hung with the Asmat tribe in Irian Jaya (former headhunters), taken a turn at Carnival in Rio De Janeiro and driven a motorbike from Los Angeles to Patagonia. Ted is a craftsman, an explorer and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.