What is HD Metal Printing?

HD Metal Printing is high definition, photographic imaging on aluminum using a unique imaging technology perfected over decades. And since the print is actually sublimated into the aluminum’s special coating, it is not affected by UV rays, dust, or moisture. The result is a depth and detail like what you’d see on HDTV which is both stunning and absolutely mesmerizing.

HD Metal prints are durable, and will resist fading. They can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

But please note: the corners can ding if you're not careful when handling them. Just think of it as your treasured surfboard and don't bump into anything while unpacking or installing it. 

Do the photographs come in frames?

No. The prints come hang-ready, with mounting hardware already affixed to the image mount. All you need is a hammer, a nail, and a wall to hang them on. The two biggest sizes come with an extra-strength backing and inset metal frame, to keep your Great Break looking great for a good long time.



Great Value & Investment

Compare Great Breaks HD Metal Prints to the cost of the same size photo print in frame. Bottom line...these are not only amazing looking: They're an amazing value and investment.

How long will these images take to ship?

Buyers should expect delivery about two weeks after ordering. Ship time will vary greatly by region.

Who is Memento Press?

Memento Press is Surfline's printing and fulfillment partner for the Surfline Great Breaks Collection. They specialize in high-end photographic printing, restoration, and archiving.

Shipping - How does it work?

Shipping happens like you'd expect. About a week after placing your order, your artwork will ship via USPS, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. 

Click here to see exactly where we ship, and how much it costs.

We ship to all over the US, and can ship internationally by special arrangement.

The two biggest sizes look amazing! But those 40x60" and 30x45" prints need serious armor to make it through the shipping system. So you'll receive those in wooden crates. Don't worry, the cost of the crates is included in the overall ship charge for those sizes.

Please know that with the largest sizes, special shipping arrangements are sometimes needed. We'll work with you to make sure your glorious new artwork arrives in perfect condition.


Who do I contact if my question is not answered here?

Just contact us and we'll get back to you within one business day.